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Kettlebell Essentials



Two classes offered!

Tuesday & Wednesday Evening

Small Group Classes

The Ladies and their Kettlebells

The Ladies and their Kettlebells

Eunice James, Certified Personal Trainer, will lead two classes in Kettlebell Essentials. With Kettlebells you will train for power, strength, flexibility and endurance – all with one piece of equipment! The main exercises are swings, cleans, overhead presses, squats, snatches and the “Turkish get-up.” Each person will work to their own specific abilities. You will never be bored as no two workouts are ever the same. Come and try out the latest trend in physical fitness training under Eunice’s supervision. You’ll burn lots of calories, gain strength and have some fun!

Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings 7pm to 8pm

$120 For 6- One Hour classes  Class limit: 6 

Wednesday Evenings 7:00PM to 8:00pm

$120 For 6- One Hour classes  Class limit: 6 

Call or e-mail to reserve your spot today!

Eunice at (978) 463-9450


Newburyport Adult and Community Education

Senior Stretch & Strength




Class Description

Join Eunice James, Certified Personal Trainer with 30 years’ experience for six afternoon fitness classes, designed for the senior citizen who is in good general health and who wants to gain and maintain a moderate level of fitness and function physically with ease in their daily life. Participants will receive an overall stretch and strength program for daily use. You will be using your own body weight and light hand weights. Participant requirements: good general health (check with your physician if you are unsure); comfortable workout clothing, towel.

Six, 1-hour sessions: Wednesdays, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Begins April 27, 2016. High School.

Cost: $90. Class Limit: 12.

Call or e-mail the Newburyport Adult Education to reserve your spot today!

978-465-1257    www.newburyportadulted.org



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