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What in the world are kettlebells?

Kettlebells are a hybrid of traditional weight training. The cool thing about kettlbell training is you can get a big bang for your kettle buck. They are a lot cheaper, lighter and take up less space than Olympic plates. You also need very little room to perform these total body exercises.

The kettlebell is made of solid cast iron, which looks like a teapot without a spout or a cannon ball with a handle. It has been around for centuries, you might recall the strong men from the turn of the 20th century. In the last few decades the Russians have adopted it as their national sport, which they call “Girevoy Sport”.

Both men and women compete locally and nationally in the overhead press and snatches. Who knows, maybe one day soon it will be an Olympic event, much like weight lifting is now.

With kettlebells, you can train for power, strength and endurance; all with one piece of equipment! The main exercises are swings, cleans, overhead presses, snatches and the Turkish get-up. These exercises require your undivided attention and healthy respect for the sport. The kettlebell always has the right of way. The last things you need are a kettlebell hat or a kettlebell shoe! Proper form and correct lifting technique are paramount!

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